Gynaecological Services

Here are a few frequently asked questions that I have answered to explain the gynaecology service I provide.

What symptoms do you treat?

I can treat many symptoms such as painful heavy periods, urinary problems such as urgency, increased frequency, leakage of urine or vaginal prolapse.

If you are experiencing any problems that you feel might be gynaecological, you can book an appointment online with me to discuss your symptoms.

Will I need a physical examination?

I may not need to do a physical examination at the first consultation. If an examination is required I will need you to attend my private clinic at Scarborough/Bridlington Hospital or RCM Wellness Centre at Ossett. Alternatively, I can provide a letter for your GP or other healthcare professional.

Will I need blood tests?

Occasionally some blood tests will be required and I will request these to be taken at a clinic local to you. 

What happens if I need an operation or other medical procedure such as a scan?

It may be discussed that you need further treatment or tests such as a scan. We can talk about this during the online appointment and decide what is necessary and I will answer questions you may have.  If you are not local to my clinic, I can write a letter for you to give to your GP to begin the referral process for these procedures to take place.

It's easy to book a virtual appointment at a time that suits you