Menopause Service

Here are a few frequently asked questions that I have answered to explain the menopause service I provide.

How do I know I have started the menopause?

There are many symptoms you may experience if you have started the menopause. Your periods may have become irregular, infrequent or have changed and become heavier or lighter than usual.

Common symptoms of the menopause and some of the most well known are hot flushes, sweats, tiredness and experiencing depression and anxiety.

Other menopausal symptoms include aches and pains, usually affecting the joints and migraines. The menopause can also affect concentration and focus.

You may have a lower or loss of libido and sex might be painful. You may have noticed that you need to pee more frequently or have had a few urinary infections recently.

There are many more symptoms relating to the menopause and during the online consultation, I will discuss these with you.

I think I might be perimenopausal. Can you treat me?

Yes, treatment can be taken during this time so you do not suffer unnecessarily. You may not have stopped your periods yet but you may still experience symptoms as they can start a few years before the menopause. You can book an appointment online if you think you are perimenopausal.

What does a typical consultation involve?

An online menopause consultation will last roughly 45 minutes to an hour. 

During the consultation I will ask what symptoms you have been experiencing and about your medical and surgical history and if you are on any medication. It would be helpful to know about your family history relating to the menopause as well.

To help decide what treatment is best for you, we can talk about what treatments you may have already started and any treatments that may be suitable for you. You can ask questions about possible treatments and any worries or concerns you might have.

I may send over a questionnaire to you before the appointment through email which should be completed before the appointment.

If a face to face consultation is required or requested, I can see you in the RCM Wellness Centre at Ossett or at my NHS Hospital in Scarborough or Brislington. 

Would antidepressants help my symptoms?

Antidepressants are not always required and may continue or be stopped after the consultation has taken place. We can discuss if antidepressants would be appropriate during the consultation.

Is HRT the best treatment?

HRT is not always suitable and alternative medical treatment can be discussed. Sometimes you may not wish to take hormonal therapy or a particular alternative medical treatment. In this case we will discuss the benefit and role of herbal remedies or alternatives such as cognitive behavioural therapy to plan a treatment appropriate and best for you and your needs.

Is there further support once I have begun HRT or other treatment?

Yes, a follow up will be arranged after 3 months to see if HRT or alternative medicine is suitable and helping with your symptoms and annually thereafter. If you have further questions or if there are side effects of the medication before this time, please contact me.

What happens if I need additional services?

If counselling services are required, I would suggest you find the nearest counselling service online. However, we can discuss your needs at the consultation. Unfortunately, some counselling services such as Relate or CBT are not available on the NHS.

Patients who are local to my clinic who need pelvic floor physiotherapy can be referred to a private practice in Pocklington. For patients who live further away,  I can discuss with you how to find a suitable practice near you.

Ultrasound or other investigations such as sampling from within the womb will need to be discussed with your GP. I can provide a letter for you to take to help with a referral if needed.

How can I get a prescription from you?

Your prescription will be sent to you via email after your appointment.  You can then print this and take it to the nearest pharmacy.

Will I need blood tests?

Occasionally some blood tests will be required and I will request these to be taken at a clinic local to you.


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